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Surveying Services


Usually used for larger parcels, this form of surveying provides site information in the form of an aerial topographic map or photo. The Professional Licensed Land Surveyor lays out controlling reference points in the field. The site is then flown over by aircraft equipped with specialized camera equipment which measures to survey control points. An aerial photogrammetrist then processes the data and prepares a digital map. High resolution and scaleable orthometric photographs of the site can also be produced. Dakos Land Surveys can provide you with a competitive proposal for the surveying services and data needed by aerial photogrammetry companies to complete your project.


In some cases, in order for a title insurance company to insure title of real property a detailed survey must be performed which adheres to strict standards set by The American Land Title Association (ALTA), The American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ASCM) and the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS). This certified survey is presented by the Professional Licensed Land Surveyor to the Client (usually the buyer) & the title insurance company for a clear understanding of specific and pertinent site information and conditions.

Benchmark, Elevation & Datum

Throughout the years different agencies including the National Geodetic Survey (NGS), the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey (USC&GS), and the United States Geological Survey (USGS) have been assigned to the study of the height of land in relationship to the oceans. After extensive field studies, data collection and calculations, these agencies set various reference points around the nation & published their findings. Dakos Land Surveys uses this data and relates it to your specific part of the world for use with design, development & certification of your property to satisfy certain ordinances and requirements.

Building Setback, Height Verification & Certification

Certifications are required by most public agencies as part of their building and permit process. The Professional Licensed Land Surveyor measures improvements during the construction process, verifying and certifying the surveyed data in comparison to approved design specifications. Dakos Land Surveys provides certification letters, signed and sealed in accordance with local ordinances and inspection requirements. We will rearrange our schedule for last minute certifications to make sure your construction project stays on schedule.

Environmental Monitoring Well & Bore Hole

We have performed hundreds of surveys providing specific, accurate & detailed data to environmental professionals and agencies entrusted with studying, monitoring & reporting on the conditions of the air we breathe, water we drink & land beneath our feet. We welcome your call and can provide competitive pricing on any and all of your surveying needs, including Geotracker compatible data for Groundwater Ambient Monitoring & Assessment Programs (GAMA).

Construction Staking & Layout

With extensive experience in construction and site layout staking, Dakos Land Surveys is a valuable addition to your project team. Whether you are planning a small addition to a residence or starting a complex multi-phase, mulit-year project, we are capable and ready to help. If you are a construction management company or general contractor, give us a try on your next project. We strive to be the easiest to work with surveying company you will ever work with. We answer our phones, show up as scheduled, come prepared and are flexible to work with you on all the variables that always come up as your project progresses.

FEMA Elevation Certificate, Letter of Map Amendments (LOMA & eLOMA)

Have you recently been notified that the flood insurance premium for your home is increasing? Did you receive notification from your lender telling you that you are now in a flood zone and required to carry flood insurance? You are not alone. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recently reconfigured their flood plain zones, requiring many homeowners who were once exempt to now have to pay for flood insurance. Anyone who has flood insurance or is being required to start paying for coverage is encouraged to call Dakos Land Surveys to discuss the surveying options available that can save you money. After surveying location of your home in relationship to FEMA's flood plains, you may be eligible to be designated to a lower flood risk level or even removed from the flood zone completely. We have many happy clients who now have lower yearly premiums or no premiums at all!

Legal Description, Easement, Certificate of Compliance

A legal description is a written document, usually accompanied by a sketch exhibit, and answers the question of 'where': Where specific lines and parcels are in the world and on the ground. A legal description can only be prepared by a Professional Licensed Land Surveyor, whose expertise in mathematics and measurement is used to write a description that is concise and unambiguous, resulting in a document that will not be misinterpreted. A legal description is typically prepared in conjunction with deeds and easements. It is attached to and recorded with other documents that answer the questions of 'what' and 'who': What the described property is to be used for and who has the right to use it. Dakos Land Surveys offers extensive experience preparing legal descriptions and can offers competitive pricing and quick delivery, whether you are dealing with a short escrow time-frame for the sale of your home or any of the myriad of issues arising from property interests, use and rights.

Land Subdivision, Lot Line Adjustment, Lot Split, Parcel & Tract Maps

Subdivision of property relies heavily on The Professional Licensed Land Surveyor and Dakos Land Surveys is here to take the lead. The subdivision process is divided into preliminary planning, tentative proposed mapping submittal & final mapping and filing. The process is governed by state laws, The Professional Land Surveyor's Act, The Subdivision Map Act, and local City and County ordinances. Once completed, new or reconfigured pieces of property are created. The process can take some time, but is well worth the effort and cost invested by the subdivider. Dakos Land Surveys is available to assist in every step of the process involved in making your property more valuable & useful.

Property Line Boundary Determination

This type of survey re-establishes or re-traces the boundary lines of an existing parcel. The end result is typically to set property corner pins and monument markers stamped with our Professional Land Surveyor's license number at the corners or along the lines of your property. A map is then prepared and filed in accordance with State Law showing our methods and the reasoning that went into our determination. Our surveys represent our opinion of the exact location of where your property is located on the ground. We take pride in our work and stand behind our surveys as being correct and defensible in court. Dakos Land Surveys offers extensive experience, competitive pricing and quick turnaround for all types of boundary surveys.

Public Lands, Sections, Ranches & Farms

The process of surveying the public lands of the United States began in 1785. As the U.S. acquired land and the population expanded and moved west, the Government found it necessary to come up with a way to transfer these public lands into private ownership. In 1796, the process was refined and management of the program went from the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury to the newly formed General Land Office. The Commissioner of the General Land Office appointed a Surveyor General. Deputy Surveyor's were contracted under strict instruction, and sent out to take on this unprecedented feat. It was midway through the 1800's by the time they made their way to our part of California, laying out most of the West into 36 square mile Townships, and then into 1 square mile Sections. Lines were surveyed on the ground whether the terrain was the rolling grassy hills of California Valley or the rugged peaks and canyons of the Santa Lucia Range. Monument markers were set every half-mile usually in the form of wood posts, mounds of rocks, pieces of charcoal, hack marks in trees and pits dug in the ground. Field notes were kept documenting the work, recording survey data, and noting terrain and points of interest along the way. Official plat maps were drafted and filed with these notes.

The modern day surveyor has the privilege of being the only licensed professional with the responsibility of re-tracing these ancient boundary lines. We study these notes and plat maps, and then follow in the footsteps of the original surveyors. This is no easy task when you imagine looking for a decomposed wooden post or small pile of stones left 150 years ago by a surveyor who had been running his lines for months through canyons, creeks, brush & poison oak, all the while keeping an eye out for native grizzly bears or a suspicious trapper holding his Colt revolver.

At Dakos Land Surveys, we love getting in the outdoors and 'getting our hands dirty'. Marc Dakos was trained by some of the most experienced and prolific Public Lands and Section land surveyors on the Central Coast. We offer experience, competitive pricing and full consultation. We take pride in our work and stand behind our surveys as being correct and defensible in court. If you are a ranch or farm owner, give us a call. Whether you're rebuilding that 80 year old crooked fence line, or interested in finding out exactly how much acreage you have out there, we'll be happy to discuss available options.

Topographic As Built & Topo Site Maps

Used as part of the design and development process, a topographic map (Topo, for short) shows the current site conditions of your property. This would include slope, contour of the land, natural features, existing improvements, structures and utilities. Dakos Land Surveys has experience performing hundreds of topographic surveys and is able to provide you and your engineer, architect or design professional with the data and mapping necessary to put your property to full use.